Mac Applications


SubEthaEdit is the first usable completely non-locking collaborative text editor. Combined with Bonjour it makes collaboration accessible for the masses and succeeds at letting complex things seem easy. SubEthaEdit won an Apple Design Award and an O'Reilly Innovators Award.

Status: Alive and kicking. Actively under development. Download here

Calibr8 Color Cruiser Raw Server

Part of the Calibr8 color management software Color Cruiser. Automates development and color correction of RAW images.

Status: On hold due to company structure changes in Calibr8

Non-disclosable Project

A digital photography related client software for a Fortune 500 company co-developed with Martin Ott and Martin Pittenauer. Mainly worked on the UI (Some custom views and general Mac specific workflows, HIG compliance).

Status: Golden Master. Abandoned for non-technical reasons.

Mac Tools

Days Left

A tiny little app which displays a count down to a upcoming date in the Dock.

Status: Released. Download here.

Start It Again

A tiny little helper app that allows you to run multiple instances of applications, without duplicating them first. E.g. for opening up Applications that don't have multi document support (as e.g. Window Media Player or Real Player).

Status: Released. Download here.

Spiegel Online Sherlock Channel

Once apon a time there was a tool called Sherlock and I made channels for it. Most of them broke over the time, but the Spiegel online channel still is alive and kicking.

Status: As is. View once. Add to Sherlock.

Web Applications


The public Bug Tracker for TheCodingMonkeys. Will be released as a hosted product for ShelfCloud in 2007.
Technologies: rubyonrails

Status: Actively under development.


A effortless, secure, hazzle free Subversion hosting service provided by ShelfCloud. Easy administration, web repository access, RSS Feeds and more...
Technologies: rubyonrails, subversion

Status: Online since August 2006 - Sign up at

Web Sites

Live Scoring for the BMW Golf Open in 2000 and 2001

Live leaderboard online including video snippets of the best players directly in the leaderboard.
Contract Company: InnNet
Technologies: php, mysql, wap, pdas for data entry

Status: Completed. Sadly no trace of it left online.


Complete catalog system, both for online use as well as generating PDFs on the fly when needed
Contract Company: Int-Mark
Technologies: php, mysql, pdflib

Status: live.

Kronauer Schreibgeräte

Live price calculation and live layout of the printed fields of ball-point-pens.
Contract Company: Int-Mark
Technologies: javascript, php, gdlib

Status: live.

EPOC32 Applications

Kniffel v1.01

Kniffel the popular Dice-Game aka Yatzee, Dice-Poker. Up to 5 Players on one Psion. Easy to use. Automatic Score calculation. Highscores.

Status: Completed. sis-File (41kb) - sis-File (zip)(16kb) - Source (nOPL+, zip) (16kb) — nOPL+


Domink Wagner develops Desktop Applications for Apple Macintosh (Cocoa / Objective-C) and Web Applications (rubyonrails, php). He lives and works in Munich, Germany. If you want to know more about him, checkout his resumé and portfolio. Feel free to contact him:

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